Monday, January 05, 2009

Warwick MPhil

Via an advert on Leiter, I see that Warwick are launching a two year MPhil in Philosophy (inviting applications now, although it looks like the course is still subject to approval). Obviously it will be in Warwick, rather than Oxford, but the structure seems very heavily modelled on that of Oxford's well-established BPhil and no doubt the Warwick course will become a popular 'second choice' for BPhil applicants (and, of course, attract strong applicants of its own, who want to work with some of Warwick's own distinguished faculty).

It seems MPhil courses are becoming increasingly popular, although their meaning isn't always the same - at Cambridge the MPhil is a one year Masters. (I'm not sure about London or some of the other univerisites offering them; some still offer the MPhil as a consolation for a failed PhD - as Oxford uses the MLitt). Hopefully if they do become more widespread, and standardized, then I'll have less explanation to do about what my degree involved - though I may still have to explain why I spent the last five eyars in a Politics Department...

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