Friday, January 02, 2009

Electro vs Guitars

The BBC has this fairly interesting feature on musical artists to look out for in 2009.

What grates with me though is the way the whole thing is framed as a contest between electronic artists (electro-pop, dance, hip-hop) and guitar rock. I guess partly that's because I have fairly eclectic tastes - and I think given the choice between rock or dance I'd say rock but a choice between electro or guitars, I'd say guitars... Actually two of my more recent discoveries were what could broadly be described as European synth-pop bands, Nun and Auto-Auto (links to YouTube clips).

The point is, there's no need for opposition here. Think, for example, of Sarah Brightman - former singer of indie band Dubstar - who's now in electro-pop outfit Client, who have collaborated with the likes of Pete Doherty.

Moreover, I think there are signs of some pretty shoddy reporting here. After talking about new and old electro acts, they go on to say:
And what does the future hold for guitar music?
Bands like Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Oasis, The Killers and Elbow all enjoyed a phenomenal year in 2008.
But others suffered disappointing returns. The Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight, The Kooks, Keane, The Fratellis and The Pigeon Detectives all failed to make it into the top 40 albums of the year. [emphasis added]

As if The Killers didn't use electronics and Keane were a typical guitar band...

UPDATE: More recommendations here.

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