Sunday, November 04, 2007

Debating School Lotteries

Thanks to Nick for showing the Brighton case (old posts) is still in the news.

Interesting, tonight at the Union freshers debate the motion was 'This House would ban all private education'. First prop had defended geographical constituencies; my extension as 3rd prop was to say this wasn't enough and propose lotteries. I thought it was my job to support the motion (i.e. banning private education) while showing we had better reasons than the 'government', but did get criticized for 'knifing' 1st prop by the judge. Ho hum.

Anyway, if you want a defence of lotteries with particular reference to education, I'm presenting a paper on such (currently under review at Philosophy) in the 6th week Applied Ethics seminar. (The other paper is apparently 'Libertarianism and Luck', so should be political theory-friendly).

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