Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Food and Football

The search for free food is a recurring theme of Piled Higher and Deeper comics, as here. Now living on nothing but meagre savings, it's an attraction I've come to appreciate, so the fact that tonight's GPTW was supplied with leftover sandwcihes was particularly welcome - I was able to gorge myself with cheesy goodness (well, badness, but nourishment) without having to eat in the pub later.

Sadly, Rob, Clare, Kieran and I went to the Jesus GCR to watch England lose humiliatingly to Croatia. None of the England players played well, but I thought Bridge was the worst. The first goal was a bad mistake from Carson, but I think it's ridiculous to give him a competitive debut in such a match and fault McClaren for not giving the likes of him, Foster, Green and Kirkland a chance in friendlies.

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