Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Liverpool 8-0 Besiktas

I'd like to think whatever Arsenal can do we can do one better. For instance, Arsenal beat Derby 5-0 and we did 6-0 (my review). Arsenal thrashed Slavia Prague 7-0 (YouTube) and now we've done 8-0 in the Champions League.

The annoying thing is that, after disappointing defeats to Marseille and Besiktas (how?), we're still struggling to qualify. Rafa was recently pointing out that the chances will soon start going in and he was right. Apparently we had twenty shots *on target* and scored enough to win several games over (if only we'd been able to redistribute these goals, e.g. to the Blackburn match).

It could be said we were lucky. Three came from as rebounds off the 'keeper, the second from Riise's quick throw-in which probably shouldn't have been ours and was taken too far forward (even though that's normal), and Babel's second was simply an attempted clearance that deflected off him. Then again, you create your own luck - we had one shot (Riise?) cleared off the line and Babel hit the bar, and no one's going to begrudge us the win I take it.

Too bad this is still only three points, but it should do the confidence of some players - particularly Benayoun, Crouch and Babel - a world of good. I just hope we can keep this up.

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