Saturday, November 10, 2007

Liverpool 2-0 Fulham

At last, another home win. It seems an 8-0 win is enough for Rafa to keep faith with the same team (even though this meant excluding two goal Babel). Unfortunately, this somewhat back-fired, as the players were obviously tired.

As one-sided as it was (YouTube highlights), for 80 minutes this looked like it could turn into another frustrating shut-out. Thankfully this time the introduction of Torres - who I assume was on the bench because of concerns over his fitness rather than for the sake of rotation - was enough to change the game with a well-taken goal. While the assist from Reina will hardly silence those who say we're a long ball team (sometimes), I'd happily see more of them, and Torres still had plenty to do and did it well. That's what we bought him for!

The penalty made the game safe and, I have to say, it was harsh on Fulham for the foul - while cynical - was just outside the area. Thankfully by then the breakthrough had been made and it didn't change the result.

One post-match interview I read with Sanchez suggested limiting the worth of substitutes (Torres + Babel + Lucas = nearly £40m), but I think it's clear that would be relatively pointless and unworkable...

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