Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Ongoing Search...

I've been told several times that the first post-qualification job is the hardest to find. I suppose that applies even more so when, like me, you're actually applying pre-qualification for a job you hope to hold post-qualification.

Perhaps more pressing than the doctorate itself is the need to publish, as impressed on my in my annual Principal's progress report on Thursday, but even this is difficult for those confined by the time-pressures of grad-school, which just about gives you chance to finish a thesis but not much else. (Maybe if I'd done less teaching... but that's also necessary for any non-JRF job). Even if you have something ready, the the peer review process can take months and you're only allowed to send things to one journal at a time. I currently have a paper that's been at Philosophy now for almost three months. Even offered a revise and resubmit (which would be a good result) it won't be much help to the job search.

At the moment, I'm applying for pretty much anything in my field, but here are two that are perhaps a bit beyond me:

Chichele Professorship of Social and Political Theory

Head of the Social Sciences Division

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