Friday, February 17, 2006

Akrasia and Pubs

Yesterday wasn't a good day. The death of my mobile phone (/alarm clock) led to me over-sleeping - or rather, waking ridiculously early as normal but not thinking of actually getting up due to lack of alarm - and missing a 9am lecture. Plus only 2 weeks after last having it mended, my bike got another puncture, which didn't help...

It was good news for my friend Nick, however, who was confirmed twice - in the sense of confirming his status as DPhil candidate in history and accepting the offer of a law conversion and job. Congratulations again (soon to be) Dr Nick!

I was planning to meet him down Cowley to celebrate with some other friends, but got detained somewhat in the Kings Arms after our Student Research Workshop - with the usual suspects plus Chris Brooke. Knowing I had to walk home, I intended to leave around 8:30. Note 'intended'...

Thankfully I didn't end up staying until midnight, as in 1st week. Unfortunately an inability to tear myself away from one pub (even to ultimately end up in another) seems to be a problem. I did pass up drinks, insisting I was moving on, but it was empty.

Me: I need to go soon.
Sarah: You always say that.
Me: Well, I will go soon...

It's like Aristotle's description of the akratic (weak-willed) man as someone who "has it [knowledge of what he should do] in such a way that having it is not knowing it, but only saying it in the way someone who is drunk recites verses of Empedocles" (NE Book 7)

Still, I did eventually get back to meet Nick and James in The Marsh Harrier, for a pint and packet of crisps dinner. Hopefully my bike will still be on Cowley Road when I return to take it to Beeline later today...


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