Monday, February 06, 2006

Philosopher's Humour (HT06 pt 1)

Time for an over-due return of those little snippets that make seminars worthwhile. Here’s today’s (as ever, just the gists).

Ethics 06/02/06

GAC: No I’m talking about real dogs. A real dog wouldn’t say its meal is tasty, because real dogs can’t say anything.

Presenter: Another Dr Cohen...
GAC: I'm not actually a doctor
Presenter: Well, you're obviously very distinguished nonetheless, so we won't hold that against you.

Nuffield Political Theory Seminar 06/02/06

[Discussing whether having a right you can’t exercise can make you better off]
DM: I hereby grant you the right to float in the air unsupported
AW: Were you denying me the right before?

[On proposals concerning legitimate group ownership of land]
AP: That’s wouldn’t work for Jerusalem
RS: Nothing would work for Jerusalem

Moral Philosophy Seminar 06/02/06

[Introducing his paper on Bernard Williams]
JS: Although I will disagree with most of what he [Williams] says I’m sure I’m probably wrong…

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