Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Charlton 2-0 Liverpool

Another disappointing defeat, and worryingly Liverpool have only taken one point from their last four games. Defeats to Man Utd and Chelsea hurt, but are understandable, to Charlton is more painful... Unfortunately we've lost form at the worst time. Even when we were drawing games at the start of the season, and about 12th in the table, I was feeling more optimistic than now.

Even neutral reports suggest the game turned on the controversial penalty decision that gave Charlton the lead against the run of play. I think this is one of our problems. Our strikers simply aren't putting away goals. Consequently as long as we don't concede, we capable of standing firm for at least a draw, and often nicking a win. If we go behind, however, we struggle. We don't have enough firepower to get back into the match, and if forced to chase it, tend to expose ourselves at the back, thus conceding more.

I can only hope Robbie's soon back to fitness and goal-scoring form.

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