Saturday, February 11, 2006

Wigan 0-1 Liverpool

I didn't see this game, since I was away in Warwick, and couldn't be bothered to stay up until the end of Match of the Day for a 1-0 win over Wigan, but it's good to see us pull out three points again after a troublesome one point from four games. Maybe it helped that Wigan didn't have any strikers, but we've had our problems there too - Pongolle remains our only striker to have scored this year.

Hopefully Gerrard (who played) and Crouch (who didn't) will be fit for Arsenal on Tuesday. That tie, followed by Man Utd in the FA Cup and Benfica in the CL, will go a long way to shaping the success of our season.

Some other results of note were Middlesbrough's shock 3-0 win over Chelsea (whose next game is vs Colchester United...), and Arsenal's late draw with Bolton - in which I saw Lehmann push a Bolton player over but not (like Reina) get punished at all...


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