Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blogger Meet (after the event)

Unfortunately I just missed Milan. I'll have to introduce myself to the person I think might be Milan next time I see him in the department I guess... I did get to meet Andy, Seth and Mike* though (as well as Rob, who of course I already knew). All seemed nice people, perhaps I'll end up getting more ensnared in this Oxford blogging community... (Though unfortunately I'll probably miss the up-coming exchange dinner with Trinity College due to both legs being on a Thursday)

*I'm assuming I got the blogs right, after consultation here.


At 1:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ben, I really enjoyed the meeting too. I hope we might do something sooner. Since we're all graduate students, it may even be possible to do something over Easter vacation. Anyway, I can see from checking your blog and others that I'll have to ratchet the quality of my own blog up a notch.

Incidentally, you also missed Tony, who's a great guy. Some other event...

At 2:17 am, Blogger Milan said...

Meeting me does not require a formal event. Name a time and place and, barring some pre-arranged commitment, I will be there.

At 9:56 am, Anonymous Los Angeles Wedding venues said...

I'm not sure I can ever go back to any other place, after an experience like this. This place is appropriate in a space that lends so much gravitas to events.


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