Saturday, February 18, 2006

Liverpool 1-0 Man Utd (FA Cup)

Revenge (for this) is sweet.

It was nice that Liverpool’s third consecutive FA Cup game was on the BBC. Anyone would think half their pundits were ex-Reds or something…

While not as one-sided as the Arsenal match, Liverpool were pretty dominant, and even if they didn’t carve out many clear chances – due no doubt to the presence of Sissoko and Hamann in midfield for the injured Alonso – they bossed the midfield. It’s safe to say that Liverpool with Man Utd’s strike force or Man Utd with Liverpool’s midfield would be an awesome prospect. As it is, the Manc midfield is a shambles without Keane or Scholes.

It was particularly sweet that Crouch scored the winner, both because he needed the goal, and because of all the constant jibes. If it wasn’t for Van der Sar we might have had one or two more too, and Giggs’ lunge on Kewell probably should’ve been a penalty as well – not that I’ve had much faith in us converting them lately.

The real talking point was, of course, a horrific ankle/leg break suffered by Alan Smith as he charged down Riise’s shot in the dying minutes. It was one of those where his leg just snapped without any contact from anyone else – not unlike Cisse last year – and from the sound of it he’s out at least a year, compounding Utd’s midfield problems. I wouldn’t wish an injury like that on anyone (even Neville), and I hope he makes a complete recovery.

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