Sunday, February 05, 2006

Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool

Well, another big Liverpool vs Chelsea game and another defeat. In fact, it seems we lose all the domestic matches, even if we can hold them in European competition – don’t know why that is.

What was most annoying was the general manner of defeat. We seem to have run out of steam a bit, and it’s not surprising how tired many players look given the long season we’ve already had (with pre-season CL qualifiers and a trip to Japan) – unfortunately it’s come at the crunch time of the season, with important matches against our main league rivals, Man Utd in the FA Cup and Benfica in the CL all coming up.

In fact, their opening goal came against the run of play. Unfortunately once we were behind, our heads went down. Maybe it’s the tiredness, but we gave up too early, rather than continuing to the 92nd minute… After that, neither our defence nor attack looked good.

The main talking point is probably Reina’s red card, for a moment of madness towards the end, which certainly didn’t help our cause. Haven’t seen the incident, so I can’t really comment in detail – Reina shouldn’t have been raising his hand, but by all accounts Robben went down like a sack of bricks.

UPDATE: I suspect whoever wrote this on the Liverpool website:

Former Liverpool captain Jamie Redknapp has condoned the 'play-acting' actions of Arjen Robben and sympathised with Pepe Reina over his controversial sending off at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Doesn't know their 'condoned' from their 'condemned'.


At 4:11 pm, Blogger mutoview said...

Pure play acting from Robben - he should have been booked and so should Reina for the tackle. I emphasise 'tackle' here because he did get the ball. For Reina to get sent off for that is ridiculous.


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