Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Benfica 1-0 Liverpool

I missed most of this match, between our GCR’s presidential hustings (update: for result of the election, see here) and the blogger meet. As it is, I can’t offer too much commentary on how we played, but I am disappointed by the result. From what I hear, we deserved at least a draw (probably only a draw, but not defeat). In Europe, 0-0 away from home is a poor result – to lose even worse.

Mind you, my biggest concern is for Sissoko. Granted I’ve been critical at times of his distribution and timing of tackles, but he game to us young and raw and looks full of potential. He put in awesome performances against Arsenal and Man Utd, that really could see him live up to the ‘new Vieira’ tag. Hopefully reports that his career could be over – after a kick in the eye from Beto – will prove unfounded. Nonetheless it looks pretty certain he’s out for the rest of the season, and his vision will be somewhat compromised permanently from what I understand. (see here, here and here).


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